My Roku Remote Doesn’t Have A Pairing Button

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Roku is a streaming player that gives you a convenient way to stream your entertainment programs on the big screen. With Roku devices installed and functioning, you can get 500000+ movies and TV episodes via its free or subscription service. Moreover, it consists of a lot of free channels, original series, on-demand videos and classic favorites, etc. All that need to do is to start Roku services by setting up your Roku devices and activate the device via Here Roku remote control pairing plays a crucial role in the activation process. But what do I do when My Roku Remote Doesn’t Have A Pairing Button?

Of course, you can pair your Roku remote even without utilizing the pairing button on its IR remote control system. Actually, pairing buttons are a part of Roku features on its enhanced point anywhere remote control device. So, in case you have the IR remote model, you can pair the remote without using the pairing remote equipment. That way, if My Roku Remote Doesn’t Have A Pairing Button I can still pair the IR remote starting with basic settings like power cable connection as by powering up the device. With batteries in its place and Roku logo on the screen, you can press any button on the IR remote to pair the Roku device perfectly.

Types Of Roku Remote

Roku remote issues vary based on the type of Roku remote you are using. Before going for any troubleshooting and looking around for instructions on My Roku Remote Doesn’t Have A Pairing Button, you should first determine which remote type you are using with your Roku device.

  • Roku Standard IR (infrared) remote
  • Roku Enhanced point-anywhere remote

In case, you are not sure about the remote type you possess, a simple way to determine the type is to remove the cover from the battery compartment and trying to locate the pairing button. A Roku remote that doesn’t possess a pairing button is a standard Roku IR remote device. If you have this type of remote, the troubleshooting steps that follow will help with the My Roku Remote Doesn’t Have A Pairing Button issue.

How does a standard IR remote function?

Any standard IR remote utilizes invisible IR (infrared) light to direct the signal up to a limited distance from the remote IR transmitter up to the front of your Roku device right where the IR receiver is situated. To function in the best possible manner, your IR remote needs to be directed straight at your Roku device and there must be nothing that may obstruct the signal.

The pairing button is invariably in the battery space within the remote control. But if you confronted with My Roku Remote Doesn’t Have A Pairing Button or can’t find it for whatever reason or somehow you broke it, we have solutions for all.

Where is the pairing button on my Roku remote?

Open the battery area of your Roku remote device. Try to look for the pairing button near the corner of the battery space. This is where the pairing button on your Roku remote is located. Depending on the Roku remote model, the light indicator can be found at the front of the remote control or simply next to the pairing button within the battery keeping place. This is the place where you can look for the pairing button rather before start worrying about My Roku Remote Doesn’t Have A Pairing Button.

How to Pair Roku to Infrared Remote system?

Roku players invariably come with 2 kinds of remote control systems. You have the Standard IR (infrared) remote and you have the Enhanced Roku “point anywhere” system for operating your devices. If your Roku remote doesn’t have a pairing button anywhere, that simply means that it is the standard IR type remote system. Here are ways to sync your remote if it appears My Roku Remote Doesn’t Have A Pairing Button:

  • Plug your Roku equipment into your TV set as well as any power socket.
  • Next, you need to remove obstructions. Your standard IR Roku remote device will only work if it is pointed straight at your playing machine. To see that it is synced properly, you must remove objects that may be obstructing the signal from the Roku remote to the streaming equipment.
  • Now, put in the batteries in your Roku remote device.You may need AA or AAA batteries depending on your Roku remote model. To resolve My Roku Remote Doesn’t Have A Pairing Button battery issue, proper battery type is also essential.
  • It is also possible that your previously installed batteries are not set properly inside your remote device. This way, device syncing process will not function when the batteries aren’t placed properly in their proper place. What you need to do is to simply remove them and re-place them again. Then, you need to point the remote towards the streaming device to test if it is working properly.
  • Push any buttons on the remote for syncing while you find that My Roku Remote Doesn’t Have A Pairing Button. With this action, you will automatically pair your IR remote to the Roku player. This needs to be kept in mind that since you are using an infrared remote system, it must be in the line of sight of the device you are trying to connect to.

For any help, call our Roku Support Phone Number to speak to our experts to get assistance on the My Roku Remote Doesn’t Have A Pairing Button issue.

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