A simple guide for fixing a Roku remote that flashes green

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With its robust design and make, there aren’t many functions that can go bad on a Roku remote. However, though it is equipped with features that are user-friendly and easy-to-operate, error codes do occur sometimes. One of them is when you end up with issues like Roku Remote Flashing Green Light nonstop. If your Roku remote stopped working, a rapid series of troubleshooting steps can be employed to get it back to normal. This will get you to reusing your Roku remote to binge watch your TV in no time.

As a matter of fact, the Roku remote system is made to perform perfectly in your hand. It is designed to be incredibly intuitive for watching TV or for gaming as well. The smart and sensitive Roku remote fits in a motion-sensing chip that allows a detailed and precise control of your device. Roku Remote Flashing Green Light is an oddness that needs immediate attention.

 Causes of Green Light Flashing on Roku Remote

Usually, when you Roku remote starts flashing green light incessantly, it’s because of something simple. This could be a blocked signal or dead batteries leading to the Roku Remote Flashing Green Light issue.

The Roku boosted point-anywhere remote system can control and command the Roku player from just about anywhere in the vicinity. Functioning on a wireless system, this boosted remote control, performs a pairing process during the initial setup during which it performs a linking operation with the player. Sometimes, this malfunctions leading to the Roku Remote Flashing Green Light.

The reasons why a Roku remote stops working properly is resolved easily with proper diagnosis and simple troubleshooting steps. Many times, the problem is with the remote itself. Other times, more often than not, the issue only comes up completely with each subsequent diagnosis and fix.

Steps To Resolve This Issue

Follow these steps in order to resolve your Roku Remote Flashing Green Light issue and make your Roku remote working properly all over again.

Remote Flashing

In case the green light on the Roku remote keeps flashing many times without break then it definitely indicates an issue. Even otherwise, it signifies that you have gone through a series of steps to pair the remote with the player. With a malfunctioning remote system, you will not be able to control the player as it does not respond to any pressing of button.

  • Firstly, remove batteries from the Roku remote control’s compartment after disconnecting power outlet from all of its connected devices.
  • After some time, this power system to the Roku can be reconnected.
  • In case, you own an IR Roku remote, then restart the Roku device from the Settings area. For this, you don’t have to unplug the device to get rid of Roku Remote Flashing Green Light issue.
  • Press Settings > System > System restart > Restart
  • Next, the batteries of the Roku remote must be reinserted after you see the Roku logo appear on the screen.
  • After this, the link between the player and the remote should be achieved.
  • Following these steps, it is quite sure that you will no longer see the Roku Remote Flashing Green Light.

Pairing the remote again

  1. As described above, you can remove the batteries out of the Roku remote. In this step, you can shut the device down as well.
  2. Thereafter, reinsert the battery set into the remote space for batteries after you have re-established the power cable to the Roku device.
  3. Now, the Home screen of the device displays along the Roku logo.
  4. At this point of time, reposition the batteries at their original place and the remote is all set to pair all over again. This is the next step towards resolving the Roku Remote Flashing Green Light issue.
  5. Within the battery slot you will be able to locate a button. Press and hold this button till you completely finish the pairing process.
  6. It might take anywhere between 3 to 5 seconds to finish the pairing process, after which a light begins to flash.
  7. The light here flashes indicating that the Roku remote is getting paired.
  8. Once the pairing is established, a dialog window indicating remote pairing pops up on the screen.
  9. You might like to try once again if the step somehow is not successful in getting rid of Roku Remote Flashing Green Light issue.

Old batteries:

There is also a reason that the Roku Remote Green Light keeps flashing because the batteries on the remote might have got exhausted.

Invariably, faulty functions appear when the Roku player is not able to get any commands.

Immediately, get a new and genuine set of compatible batteries to use them in the Roku remote.

Now, since a new set of batteries have been inserted the Roku remote must to be paired again. This will help you get rid of the Roku Remote Flashing Green Light issue.

HDMI connector

The HDMI connector might also be one of the reasons of your Roku remote not performing optimally; this is quite true when you are using a Streaming Stick Plus or Roku Streaming Stick.

Ideally, the HDMI  equipment gets inserted directly into the TV port.
Instead, remove it from the TV port and utilize the services of an HDMI extension cable instead to connect. This will also help to stop the Roku Remote Flashing Green Light.

Get Help From Us

For the issue at hand, when you have tried all the above-mentioned alternatives one by one, the next best step would be to seek expert help. Here, our technicians on the toll-free helpline is your best help for Roku Remote Flashing Green Light issue. As a team, we are committed to providing the best possible customer service. We have experts in every field of the TV industry. If you face any issues all you have to do is just visit Roku.com/Support and our representatives will handle your issue very carefully while providing you the best solution for it.

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