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What is the Brother Printer Default Password?

What is the Brother Printer Default Password?

Brother printers have been a significant part of our professional space since long. When we want accurate, fast and high-quality printed documents that is good to see and use, Brother printers are the best. These printers are less ink consuming, great in design, and require little maintenance expense. Brother printers generally come with certain default username and passwords for everyone who needs to go ahead utilizing their potentials in the best possible manner. “What is the Brother Printer Default Password?” question comes up when you purchase any new device for your home and office use and make effort to link it with your Brother printer.

There may be times when you lose or forget the default Brother Printer username as well as the password. There may be instances when you might need the Brother Printer default password to make your printer secure against unauthorized access and to complete general tasks at hand. In such situations, establishing a link between the printer and your computer becomes quite tough. In pursuit of answers to “What is the Brother Printer Default Password?”, you may also require a factory reset to correctly perform your printing jobs.

Steps To Find The Brother Printer Default Password

In case you are not in the possession of the Brother Printer Default Password you will not be able to use the device. However, you don’t have to bother. “What is the Brother Printer Default Password?” doesn’t have a difficult answer though. With easy steps that we describe below, get the username and password without any hassle:

  1. From your Brother printer machine, click on the Start button and select the option “All Programs”.
  2. The user thereafter is required to choose Brother, simple MFC-XXXX or MFC-XXXX LAN or and remote setup.
  3. Now, if your device is linked to the WiFi network, enter your WiFi password.
  4. In the password section, the machine will prompt to enter a password. Being a first time user of the printer, you will be need to enter Brother printer default password which generally is “Access”.
  5. Thereafter, the user can choose the option of web-based Management or BRAdmin light to make modifications to this password. When we look around for “What is the Brother Printer Default Password?”, The configuration goes like this:


Username: User

Password: access


Username: admin

Password: access

These are the default password and username for a large number of Brother printers and hence the user can easily use the Brother printer default password elsewhere with other Brother Printer models.

What is the Brother Printer Default Password For HL-l2350DW Printer?

  • As a first step, power on your Brother Printer device and choose all programs after going to the settings.
  • You require to make it sure that your Brother Printer has Wi-Fi connectivity and then select the remote setup which is common to do for all Brother machines.
  • Click on the logging-in button and enter the password ‘access’ to connect your printer device to the network.
  • Then you will find the default password information for you to access by identifying the model number of the printing device.
  • In case it doesn’t respond, you must enter the verifiable mobile number to find the reset password button that allows entering the new password.
  • Change the password with the assistance of administrator and then accomplish the password reset steps in a regular manner.

Next, enter the new password in both confirm and new password field at the end of your task of searching for What is the Brother Printer Default Password?

Brother Printer default password HL-l6200DW

Finding “What is the Brother Printer Default Password?” for HL-16200DW is not very difficult. The login password that is default for most of the models of Brother Printer is “access” or “initpass” ehich also includes the HL-l6200DW model. With the default admin password for Brother Printer, you can keep your information secure.

Brother Printer Default Password For DCP-l2550DW

As discussed in the preceding para, finding “What is the Brother Printer Default Password” for most of the Brother Printer models is not much tough. In fact, default password for Brother printers of almost every model is the same. The default login password of DCP-12550DW Brother Printer is also “initpass”.

Brother Printer Default Password for MFC-l8900CDW

Similar to the case with other Brother Printer models, the default password for MFC-18900CDW Brother Printer is either the password mentioned at the back or bottom of the printer or simply “initpass”, that is preceded by “PWD”.

Brother Printer Default Password HL-L2350DW

Finding “What is the Brother Printer Default Password?” for HL-L2350DW Brother Printer allows you to get in control of the settings of the printer. In case, you are unable to find the default password for HL-L2350DW Brother Printer model, you can get it at the bottom or back of the printer device. Moreover, you can get What is the Brother Printer Default Password is by taking out a printout of the Network Configuration Report.

As a better practice, you need to modify this password to secure the printer from unauthorized access and make changes to printer settings with your personal requirements. In case, you require help, you may speak to our Brother Printer Setup Team 24×7 on the helpline for instant support for “What is the Brother Printer Default Password?”


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