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CC Cleaner For Windows 10

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Remove Useless Files from Your System with CC Cleaner for Windows 10

CC Cleaner for Windows 10 is a freeware system’s optimization, privacy & cleaning tool especially developed for Windows PC. It eliminates unused files through your system making Windows 10 run faster &freeing up the valuable space in the hard disk. It also cleans up the dashes of your online activities like your Internet history. In addition to it, it consists of a full-featured registry cleaner. CC Cleaner for Windows 10 cleans temporary files, speed up and optimize your PC with the world-leading PC Cleaner.

CCleaner, which is one amongst the most downloaded cleaning & optimization utility of Windows, has been effectively updated to give support to the recently released Windows 10 OS. CCleaner 5.0 & above versions are totally compatible with the latest operating system of Windows 10.

Features as Well as Highlights of CC Cleaner for Windows 10

High-Quality PC Optimization
Trusted by millions of customers & critically approved. There is a reason due to whichits app is the world- favourite too for PC optimization! Easy in using, cleaning in one-click so that the beginners can also optimize their systems in seconds & packed with state-of-the-art features for the power users.

Faster Computer
Is your PC running slow? As it becomes older, it accumulates the unused files & settings that take up the space in hard drive making it very slower. CC Cleaner for Windows 10 of 2020 latest version effectively cleans up those files & makes it quicker instantly.

Websites and advertisers track your behaviour online usingthe cookies that are on your system. CC Cleaner for Windows 10 erases the search history of your browser & cookies so that any internet surfing you do remains confidential & your identity stays anonymous.

Lesser Crashes& Errors
Over the time, your registry is prone toget cluttered with some errors as well as broken settings that can lead to crashes. C Cleaner’s effective patented registry CC Cleaner for Windows 10 cleans out all this clutter for making your computer more stable.

Faster Start-up
Many programs are active silently into the background at the time ofstarting up your PC.CC Cleaner for Windows 10 helps you to get back to work or play way faster by giving you the control to disable unwanted programs.

Download the CC Cleaner for Windows 10 Latest Version in Your PC

Those PC users who installed Windows 10 over their PCs can now easily download the CC Cleaner for Windows 10 latest version by visiting its official page.

As you know, CC Cleaner for Windows 10 helps you out in cleaning temporary & log files that are not only produced by the Windows OS, but also those junk files created by any third-party application. The latest version officially supports Opera,Firefox, Safari, WinRAR, Chrome, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office &tons of other different third-party applications. You can grow the third-party applications support by installing a free tool called CCEnhancer. It gives support to more thanone thousand third-party applications.

Why is CC Cleaner for Windows 10 by Far the Best?

Besides PC cleaning, CC Cleaner for Windows 10is used in the optimization of the operating system through removing unneeded programs from the list of start-ups. This small program helps you to uninstall those applications which cannot be easily erased from the Windows through Control Panel.

One among the most useful yet ignored feature of the CC Cleaner for Windows 10 is its capability to remove individual system’s restore points. If you are using Windows’ System Restore feature, then you possibly aware of this fact that the Windows doesn’t allow you toeraseseparate restore points. It means, you have to turn the System Restore feature off so as to delete all of the restore points. If you’ve several restore points &you want to erase a restore point while maintainingthe other restore points, then this freeware acts as the perfect tool for this job.

CC Cleaner for Windows 10 is contained with a great Registry Cleaner too, which means you’re not required to look for any other expensive software for cleaning and defragging Windows Registry. Drive the wiper to fully wipe off data through your hard drive &file finder to instantly search for the files add to the two more useful features of the current version.

Besides these features, CC Cleaner for Windows 10 also supports uninstallation of the apps. With the recent version, you can erase both of the default apps and the apps that got installed via the Store. The feature comes very handy as most of the default Windows 10 apps can’t be uninstalled through Settings.

Basically, CC Cleaner for Windows 10is a fabulous utility for the Windows OS. Now that the recent version is fully compatible with the Windows 10, its free system cleaner is now officially supporting the Windows versions right from Windows 2000 to the Windows 10.

Is CC Cleaner for Windows10Safe?

Yes, CC Cleaner for Windows 10 is 100% safe. It only erases useless files & doesn’t delete any of the system files that could cause result in PC malfunctions. The registry cleaner just detects the remaining entries, which are no longer concerned with anything. But, you can generate registry backups with the CC Cleaner for Windows 10 in case you want to get sure.

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