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CCleaner is a trusted and one of the world’s most popular PC cleaners you can find in the market today. There are plenty of reasons why CCleaner is the world’s most desirable computer optimization tool. Easy to use, it is one click cleaning solution so that even novices can optimize their system without any hassles whatsoever. Also, it is packed with tons of useful and cutting-edge features that can be utilized by advanced users to inject instant speed into their machine. Available in different types and versions for user convenience, CCleaner For Windows 10 clears out errors and damaged configurations on your device to improve stability to a great extent. Download and install CCleaner Tool For Windows 10 and boost your browser as well as protect your privacy by securely erasing tracking history, cookies and unnecessary files from your system.

How Does CCleaner Help Your Windows 10 System?

CCleaner is a useful and safe application best known for removing unused, junk, temporary and privacy related (cookies and cache) files for Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Thunderbird, etc. This considerably helps boost your computer’s performance running on Windows 10 or any other operating system.

It is a common observation that when you buy a new PC or laptop for yourself, initially, it boots up in no time, and runs fast and stable enabling smooth operations overall. However, as you go on using your device, a time comes when it takes ages to boot up thereby slowingyour system down considerably to take up loads of time even for simple operations. Worse still, it starts crashing as well. In fact, this commonlyeffects every computer laptops as they get older if they’re not taken care of with some PC/laptop optimizer as good as CCleaner For Windows 10.

But why?

Firstly, programs and application unknowingly start running in the background when you turn on your system, and the more programs you load on your computer, the worse it gets.

Secondly, your computer’s storage starts accumulating old and unused files and programs causing your Windows 10 system to run slowly with all that ‘junk’.

Further, when the registry becomes cluttered with erroneous  and broken settings in Windows 10, it becomes difficult to run it fast. This best makes the case for CCleaner Tool For Windows 10.

To correct these issue, CCleaner For Windows 10 is the best choice, because:

1) It identifies the programs turning on when you switch on your device to prevent the unwanted ones at the startup itself.

2) It searches and finds the old programs and files and removes them, taking care in the process not to remove important one that you want to keep.

3) CCleaner finds, erases and corrects faulty and broken settings from your Window 10 system registry.

While it may sound a little complex, CCleaner For Windows 10 does all this for you and much more.

Benefits Of Using CCleaner For Your Windows 10 system

Download and install this award-winning computer cleaning software today, and you know by its use and usage how it benefits your system in multiple ways. You can download the free version of CCleaner from its official website to get a look and feel of its grand utility before you move on to the professional versions for maximum cleaning features. Install it on your system and you will see how CCleaner updates all your software automatically andmakes your Windows 10 laptop or PC much faster. Apart from these, CCleaner Tool For Windows 10 has many utilities that can be enumerated below:

  • Faster computer –CCleaner controls which applications use your computer’s scarce resources.
  • Privacy protection – Removes your browsing data and tracking files to ensure safety and unwanted solicitations from potential hackers.
  • PC health check – CCleaner For Windows 10 automatically scrutinizes, tunes and fixes your computer performance.
  • Software updater – CCleaner eliminates security vulnerabilities by quickly updatingapplication when required.
  • Cleans everywhere –It goes on to clean places within your system where other cleaners can’t reach.
  • Safeguards against junk files –It check junk in real-time for potentially harmful programs.
  • Clears history automatically –CCleaner is tuned to cleans your browser as soon as you choose to close it after use.
  • Longer-lasting and faster hard drives –CCleaner comprises of the Defraggler tool.This keeps hard disks healthy and running with maximum efficiently.
  • File recovery –The CCleaner Tool For Windows 10 includes Recuva which ensuresthat you never have to worry about losing any file on your Windows system.
  • Inside your PC – CCleaner For Windows 10 even includes Speccy that helps you spot inconsistencies and find compatible upgrades.

Installing CCleaner On The Windows 10 System

1. Proceed and download CCleaner Free package from the CCleaner official website.

2. When the download gets completed, you need to run the exe file to begin the CCleaner installation.

3. Select Run and then ‘Yes’ at the User Account Control security warning.

4. Next, at the Setup screen of CCleaner, you need to uncheck the ‘Install Avast’ or ‘Install Google Chrome’ box.If you want them to be installed now, you may leave them checked.Click on customize.

5. Leaving only the first two options checked, click on Install.

6. Let the CCleaner For Windows 10 installation get completed, uncheck the ‘View release notes’ and click on “Run CCleaner.”

How to Enhance Windows 10 Performance with CCleaner?

Removing Useless files with CCleaner.

1. Install and launch CCleaner on your Windows device from the program’s shortcut menu on the desktop or in programs menu list.

2. By default, CCleaner Tool For Windows 10 attempts to eraseall the unwanted files from your computer (cookies, temporary internet files, history, etc.).It is always better to see and check which useless files will be erased by checking the Applications tabs in the Windows.

3. To begin the cleaning operations for useless files from your computer, you need to press the “Run Cleaner” button at the bottom of the CCleaner For Windows 10 program.

4. At the next screen, the application will begin the cleaning procedure and you‘ll see it happening on the screen.

5. When the cleaning process gets completed, CCleaner presents you with the data about amount of privacy (cookies) and junk files that have been removed.

Optimizing Windows Registry with CCleaner

CCleaner provides its users a Registry cleaner that can be effectively utilized to eraseall kinds of invalid entries for the Windows 10 Registry. If you want to use the CCleaner For Windows 10 registry, do the following

1. Choose the Registry option from the left side from the CCleaner screen and select choose Scan for Issues.

2. When the scanning of registry gets completed, the CCleaner will display the registry issue that were found. At this point, you need to review the results. When you need to fix them, click the Fix selected issues button within the  CCleaner Tool For Windows 10.

3. When you see the “Do you want to backup changes to the registry?”, select Yes to backup the current registry before you start with any modifications.

4. In case you face issues after the registry cleaning process with CCleaner For Windows 10, you can use the backup file to restore the registry.

5. To continue, click on “Fix All Selected Issues”.

6. Click Close to return to the CCleaner window when the cleaning process gets over.

Removing Unwanted Programs with CCleaner.

With CCleaner utility, you can easily see and remove any undesirableapplication or Store App in Windows 10 from your application. For this:

1. On the left side screen, click on Tools and select the Uninstall option.

2. Check with the installed applications and programs whether you want to remove any, select it and click on Uninstall with CCleaner For Windows 10.

Removing the Unwanted Background Programs with CCleaner

To disable the unwanted startup programs with the CCleaner Tool For Windows 10:

1. Click the Startup button at the Tools options, and then choose the Windows tab. The ‘Windows’ tab will show up a list of the Startupapplications that start automatically with Windows.

2. Select the application that you do not want to auto-start when the Windows 10 OS starts and click on the ‘Disable button’ within the CCleaner For Windows 10 application.

This is the way CCleaner shows you how useful application it is foryour needs of Windows 10 system to perform correctly and smoothly.

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