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Echo Dot Blue Ring Of Death

Echo Dot Blue Ring Of Death

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The Echo Dot Blue Ring Of Death Mystery Revealed

Has your Echo Dot stopped reacting? When you plug it in does it react with a blue, surrounding ring that just shines to frame circles? It could be something as straightforward as the faulty connector you’re connecting your Echo Dot from. Some divider connectors don’t give enough power to the Echo to work appropriately. In case you’re connecting the power cable to another connector, it is advisable to have a look at How To?  Guides on connecting it to a unique Amazon connector. A typical blunder that users go over on the Echo Dot or other Echo centre points so far as a major concern, is the “Blue ring of death”. Often a user will simply be utilizing their Echo Dot with no idea when they get stuck with this issue all of a sudden. In most of the cases, this is brought up by certain issues with primary reasons being the unauthentic link cables.

What Causes The Phenomenon Blue Ring Of Death To Appear?

The Echo Dot is an amazing device, but as Amazon’s  Echo issues can quickly leave them frustrating and cumbersome. That’s why you need to fix them as soon as possible using the tips in this article. The Blue ring of death on the echo dot struck many users in the past recently. Many of the faults are fixed since then, but this is what you need to do if you are still not able to use the Echo or Echo Dot.

Echo devices enable to connect you to Amazon’s Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Now, she uses servers and your internet connection to bring you news alerts, manage your smart home and stream music. Each Echo device allows it to analyze your voice commands from within a room(10 metres).

That said if we want to know outside of that what can cause the solid blue ring, then we need to look at some of the reasons that we have found as to why this might happen.

  • You aren’t using the power adapter that came with your Amazon Echo device.
  • You haven’t tried resetting the Echo device.
  • You could have the DND (Do Not Disturb) setting turned ON.
  • The device is plugged into a bad power outlet.
  • You have no internet to setup the Wireless Network.

The Ugly Truth About Echo Dot Blue Ring Of Death- Why It Is Called So?

 Well, that’s the internet for you. The Playstation 4 has a thing called the Blue Light of Death and so the internet just coined the phrase the blue ring of death. Which is in reference to the solid blue ring that appears on the top of the Echo device when the unit is processing your query, malfunctioning, or refuses to do anything.

 Here Is What You Should Do For Your Echo Dot Blue Ring Of Death-
  1. Unplug your Echo Dot for merely 300 seconds approximately,  then switch to power ON and wait to see how it goes further.
  2. Make sure Amazon Echo is connected with an original power adaptor, which comes with the packaging.
  3. Go to Echo Dot settings and make sure that “do not disturb” (DND button ) is turned off.
  • Ways to check DND Settings-
  • Open the Amazon Alexa application.
  • Tap on devices
  • Click on Echo and Alexa
  • Select the device you are connected with.
  • Now click on the DND tab.
  • Here you can turn notification On / Off.
  1. Check out whether the socket in which the Echo Dot is connected to is not generating bad power supply.
  2. Make sure that Echo Dot is placed near the Wi-Fi to receive proper signals.
  3. Resetting your Echo device-
  • Press the action button for about 20 seconds
  • Wait for until the ring lights turn orange.
  • Your device has now entered into setup mode.
  • Your device now automatically reboot itself before it gets reset.
 FAQs -Answered!
Why Does My Echo Dot Blue Randomly Turn Blue?

You might notice that your Amazon Echo turns on by itself on occasion. This can be caused by background noise, like a TV or radio running in the background. But if you notice that it’s happening for a few minutes and then goes back to normal then it could be that your Echo device is running an update.


Hopefully, this helps you fix Amazon Alexa Echo device when it’s stuck on the “blue ring of death”. We are sure you’ll find them helpful either now or in the future. We even suggest our users to take Amazon Alexa Support expert advice while facing any issue related to Alexa.


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