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Geek Squad Pricing – How Much Does Geek Squad Cost

Geek Squad is a team of trusted professionals that helps you to deal with various issues occurring within your device. They follow up with the latest and skilled mechanism to cover up all the problems and provide proper guidance for your product. They offer their services at reasonable fares that are best suitable to the customers. You can check out the Geek Squad Pricing Policy for your reference. The pricing policies correspond to various Geek services like Installation, Setup, Repairing, Protection, and Support services. You can decide the plan as per your convenience and budget to get the best possible service at a low cost. You can blindly trust Geek Squad agents to compete with the daily chores at affordable rates.

Geek Squad One-Time Affordable Service Option

Geek Squad provides the least expensive one-time services to its customers. You can demand any job or service for your device from an expert. It starts from a $49.99 in-store price for the tune-up service of your personal computer. You can also apply for the Geek Squad Pricing Policy for multiple devices. You can enjoy the least possible price of $99.99 per subscription service. The price plan goes up to $219.87 for the initial year and $119.88 for the rest of the years. It helps you to enjoy a long-term protection plan for your device at a reasonable cost.

The monthly subscription starts at $9.99 for every month, and you have to pay the initial amount of $99.99 as the starting price of the plan. So, Geek Squad offers you the advantage to get the best pricing plan with a one-time initial cost. You can demand any service for your plan, and there are unlimited repair services under each plan. Apart from that, you can also avail free setup and installation of the device anytime, anywhere. You can enjoy the plan benefits by either scheduling in-store service or on-site service. The expert agents will handle your device as soon as you approach them, without wasting any time.

Best Buy Geek Squad Pricing List

Below is the detailed list of prices for your service. You can demand any service at a reasonable cost. Geek Squad guarantees low cost for their services as compared to other platforms. The prices per service are as follows:

  • Setup of Tablet or PC – $99.99
  • Installation of OS – $99.99
  • Virus or Malware Removal – $149.99
  • Setup of Printer – $39.99
  • Tune-Up PC Services – $39.99
  • Diagnose and Repair Cost (Device) – $99.99
  •  Diagnose and Repair Cost (Server) – $299.99
  • Firewall Protection Service – $259.99
  • Admin Server Cost – $299.99

There are various deals and offers that the Geek Squad provides to its customers from time to time. You can avail of and use these offers depending upon the Geek Squad Pricing plan you choose. There are special and discounted rates for the membership plans. You can apply or subscribe to the plans online or offline and get the cheapest price for your service.

What Prices Does Geek Squad Plan Cover?

Geek Squad deals with two major and widely used plans for its services. You can apply for these plans depending upon your device, convenience, and budget. Geek Squad values your plan and provides you best offers and prices as per your choice. Geek Squad Pricing varies for standard and advanced plans. But the best part is that you can avail of similar services for each of the plans. These services are as follows:

Standard plan: $24.99Advanced plan: $49.99
24X7 support (Online / Offline)24X7 support (Online / Offline)
Tune-Up ServicesTune-Up Services
Virus Removal ServicesVirus Removal Services
Virtual Private Network SupportVirtual Private Network Support
Data backup FacilityData backup Facility
Data Transfer ServicesData Transfer Services
Firewall SupportFirewall Support
Network Connectivity SupportNetwork Connectivity Support
Installation of OS or SoftwareInstallation of OS or Software
Setup of DeviceSetup of Device

You can rely on the reliable services of Geek Squad. They maintain the integrity, accuracy, quality, and cost-effectiveness of your service. You can ask for any help belonging to any device, old or new. The expert agents are ready 24X7 for your service. You can either call the official toll-free number or schedule your service online for in-home or in-store service. The highly skilled professionals are present for you locally as well as remotely.

Geek Squad Pricing For Smart Home Services

Geek Squad provides you with smart-home services anytime throughout the day or night. You can also schedule your in-home service on your convenient date and time. You have to call the agent or apply online for your service. Discuss with the agent about the issue you are facing with your device, and schedule your service by deciding the appropriate date and time. You can call the agent on the official phone number, +1-850-203-4605, to book your in-home appointment. The agent will confirm your booking and reach your doorsteps as per your service. Geek Squad prices for smart-home services are as follows:

ServicesRegular Geek Squad PricingMembership Geek Squad Pricing
TV Setup and Connect$149.99$49.99
Connectivity of Soundbar$129.99$49.99
Processor Setup or A/V Receiver$129.99$49.99
Audio Device Setup$99.99$49.99
Home WIFI Setup$949.99$49.992
Assemble Smart Furniture$129.99$49.992
Install Smart Lights$149.9920 percent discount
Install Smart Doorbell$99.99$49.991
Wireless Camera Installation (2-8)$99.99 – $149.99$49.991
Wired Camera Installation (1-8)$99.99 – $699.9920 percent discount
Install Smart Door Lock$99.99$49.991
Dash Camera Installation$59.99
Install Standard Remote Start$149.99

Similarly, you can also apply for the in-store Geek Squad services. The expert technician at the store will handle your request as soon as you reach the store. You can also schedule your in-store service by calling the agent directly and deciding the date and time of your visit. You can also book your appointment online by providing all the essential details. The Geek Squad Pricing for in-store services remains the same throughout. You can call the agent on the official phone number, +1-850-203-4605, to book your in-store appointment.

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