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How Do I Stop Ccleaner From Running In The Background

How Do I Stop Ccleaner From Running In The Background

Why Ccleaner Keeps Running in the Background?

We will start off with describing why Ccleaner runs in the background in the first place.

Ccleaner’s Smart Cleaning feature checks whether there is junk on your PC. And if enabled, it will alert you of all this junk on your PC. You would not have to keep a Ccleaner window open if Ccleaner is running in the background.

Another reason for the Ccleaner to run the background is to make sure that all the installations are maintained and to check for updates and new releases.

It helps save up to 500 MB of space by removing junk.

How to stop Ccleaner background Processes – Active Monitoring And System Monitoring

System Monitoring and Active Monitoring features of Ccleaner aid the process of cleaning junk from the PC along with maintaining a continuous cycle of updating and installing necessary system updates. Ccleaner also detects corrupt files and cleans them up saving lots of space on the disk.

But few limitations overweigh these advantages. And we frequently think of ways to solve the issue of ‘How Do I Stop Ccleaner From Running In The Background’. And this is where we come up with methods to deal with the Active Monitoring and System Monitoring features.

The drawback of Ccleaner running in the background is – excessive notifications time and again, which often leads us to search the internet for ‘How Do I Stop Ccleaner From Running In The Background’.

System Monitoring – System Monitoring is set in such a way that it checks your PC every 8 hours to see if there are unwanted files that can be deleted to save up to 500MB of space on the drive.

When automatic monitoring is enabled, Ccleaner checks for junk and bugs, and cleans the, right away.

Active Monitoring – When you have the ‘Active monitoring’ feature enabled, Ccleaner checks for updates and new releases. It also tells you of installations running in the background.

Steps to Stop Ccleaner from running in the background

Although the advantages of Ccleaner running in the background are many, we do sometimes feel that the notifications popping up every few minutes is unnecessary. If it feels like avoiding these notifications, you can go through these steps to disable the feature of Ccleaner running in the background.

  • Open the main window of Ccleaner.
  • In the left pane of this window, you will see ‘Options’. Click on it.
  • Here on, a list of options will appear. Select the fifth one from top. ‘Monitoring’
  • There will be a check box labelled ‘Enable system monitoring’. Uncheck the option.
  • Afterwards, uncheck another option named ‘Enable active monitoring’. Since you can not disable active monitoring without disabling ‘system monitoring’ it is essential that you uncheck the ‘Enable system monitoring’ option first and foremost.
  • A confirmation dialog will pop up on the Ccleaner window, click the ‘Yes’ button. And you are done with the process.

If you have ever had to contemplate over ‘How Do I Stop Ccleaner From Running In The Background’, we ask you to go over all these details and steps to fix the issue.  For additional help, you can contact our CC Cleaner for Windows 10 experts to clean temporary files, speed up and optimize your PC with the world-leading PC Cleaner



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