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TV is not working properly? Vertical or horizontal lines spoiling your TV experience or want professional help to mount your new TV? The problem can be anything but the solution is one- Geek Squad Tech Support that offers you the best ‘TV Repair In My Area’ means a certified technician will come to your doorstep as soon as possible. 

A TV can give one’s trouble due to many reasons and give different types of issues as well. So before finding a ‘TV Repair Near Me’, it’s better to understand what problem is one’s facing to deal with the situation better. 

Common TV Issues 

These following are the most common TV issues faced by the users: 

TV Screen Is Black – Powers ON But No Picture’ 

I have an LG TV and the screen is black. The power of TV is ON but the pictures are displaying on the screen. I do hear the sound even though the TV screen is black.’- Jason from Texas City.  

This Issue can happen due to various reasons, some of them are: 

  • Faulty TV Panel 
  • Faulty Circuit Board in TV 
  • Faulty LED TV 
  • Wrong or lose the connection between TV and an SAT BOX, CABLE BOX, HDMI CABLE, COAX CABLE, ETC 

The simple way to fix it– Before consulting a ‘TV Repair In My Area’, its good to try these simple hacks. 

  • First, try to pull up the TV MENU using the remote or the MENU button on the TV itself. 
  • Be sure all COAX CABLES and HDMI CABLES are tight and properly connected. 
  • If you are still able to pull the TV MENU, try to update your TV`s firmware. 

If you still face these issues contact ‘TV Repair In My Area’. 

TV is not turning on- Does not have any power 

I’m trying to switch my Sony OLED TV but it’s not turning on, what to do? – Mia Johns from Miami 

The TV may not switch on if there is a power issue. The following circumstances may cause the issue of power:  

  • A voltage drop in electrical power 
  • Electronic power fluctuations, such as blackouts or brownouts 
  • A storm 

If this issue hasn’t happened, it’s possible that the remote control’s batteries are weak or maybe something is interfering with the infrared (IR) signal to the TV.  

The simple way to fix it– Try these steps to fix the issues, otherwise contact the service of ‘TV Repair In My Area’. 

  • Check whether the AC power cord is connected properly in a working wall outlet. 
  • The remote control cells are working 
  • Make sure that the ENERGY SAVING SWITCH is On

Get a ‘TV Repair In My Area’, if this trick not work for your TV.  

Other Major Issues 

Verticals lines or Horizontals lines on the screen 

  • No Sound 
  • No Pictures 
  • Black and White Pictures 

Pro Tip: Many times, your TV stops working properly due to Cable Box or faulty cables. Check whether your TV is well connected with other devices. If the issues are constantly coming better than its better to use a TV Repair In My Area service.* 

Geek Squad Tech Support offers two ways to repair TV issues: 

In-Store Repair 

You can bring your TV (under 42 inches) any model, no matter Samsung, LG, Sony or other brands in the local Best Buy Store. Our experts will repair it. Make sure that you carry all the important parts of your TV, so our certified technicians can repair your TV successfully. 

In-Home Repair 

If your device is big to bring at the store or you want a technician to come to your home. You can contact us through our toll-free helpline number to fix an appointment with best ‘TV Repair In My Area’ experts. 

The Plus points of choosing us: 

Beside accurate solution for your expensive TV set, you will lots of other benefits as well that include: 

  • 24/7 online customer support 
  • Wide service network across the United States, Mexico and Canada 
  • Only Certified and Highly Qualified Experts 
  • Door-Step Services 
  • Labour, Parts and accessory coverage 

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